Exploring Cuban Street Food


Strolling through the streets of Havana you’ll quickly realize that you don’t see any fast food restaurants. That is because just about everything in Cuba is tightly regulated, including food. What you will see are small shops that have a limited number of specific foods. Bread is one of the foods that is rationed in Cuba. However, due to a shortage of flour in the country, some Cubans prefer to buy the more flavorful bread baked by private bakeries. You will see shops like these all over Havana with shelves lined with loaves of bread or pan in Spanish.


If you have been following the news, you already know that Cubans are facing a food shortage due to restrictions becoming even tighter. Pork is the most widely consumed meat in Cuba, with chicken following behind. However meats are also sold in limited quantities and rations have been reduced.


There are hole in the wall food stands all over Havana selling what can be described as Cuban sandwiches, but they are not the Cuban sandwiches that come to mind when you think of a typical Cuban sandwich. Most Cuban sandwiches in Cuba are pretty basic consisting only of a bread roll, sliced meat (likely pork), and a condiment (usually mayonnaise). You can find the pan con jamon y mayonesa sold on just about every corner in Old Havana. Another quick and easy street food that you will find all over Havana is pizza. While I didn’t try the pizza on this trip I will definitely make it point to try it the next time I visit Cuba.

Food stand in Old Havana, Cuba (2018)
Pizza place in Old Havana, Cuba (2018)

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Watch my 2018 visit to Cuba here⇐

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