The best fried chicken in Louisiana

Willie Mae’s Scotch House #shejaunts

It is a known fact that people travel from across the country to indulge in the rich flavors and colorful culture associated with New Orleans. While I may be biased since my maternal side of the family is from the Bayou State, few will argue that Louisiana has amazingly good food. Most people focus on the food found in the tourist-friendly city of New Orleans so when my family and I visited New Orleans a few years ago a friend of mine who was living there at the time suggested that we eat at Willie Mae’s Scotch House. Willie Mae’s has received prestigious awards and it has been featured on the Travel Channel and in other popular publications. There was a line that snaked out the door so we figured we were in for a treat.

Fried Chicken from Willie Mae’s Scotch House

The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  It came out piping hot right from the fryer coated in a thick batter similar to a fast food chicken place we had in California called Pioneer Chicken. The flavor was less than memorable and the side orders were nothing to write home about. It is definitely is an overstatement in my opinion to call it the best friend chicken in New Orleans. I will say that it was a pretty decent meal that satisfied our rumbling bellies and gave us enough energy to prowl the steamy streets of NOLA.


The majority of my family is from Baton Rouge so we ate at a few places around the Capital City including Parrain’s , TJ’s Ribs, and Piccadilly. The last choice was my eldest aunt’s choice which conjured up a bit of nostalgia since her younger brother, my now deceased uncle, also loved to eat at Piccadilly.


If I had to choose a favorite place where we ate during our trip it would without a doubt be a small unassuming family run restaurant in Zachary, Louisiana called Martha’s Bistro. Bay-bee! When I tell you that food came out fresh, hot, and delicious I am not lying! It was as if someone from our family had cooked the food for us personally. Everything was perfectly seasoned and cooked with love. The red beans and rice were rich and creamy with the right amount of kick, the chicken was pan fried to perfection, and the hot water corn bread was deliciously buttery with a crispy outside and soft warm inside. Everything was prepared to order so when you visit you should expect to have a bit of a wait, but trust me when I tell you that the food will be worth the wait. If you are ever in the area hankering for the best fried chicken in Louisiana, I highly recommend that you make your way down the highway to Martha’s Bistro in Zachary, Louisiana. Bon Appetit!


Where have you had the best fried chicken? Share you favorite place in the comments section. Be sure to like and subscribe!

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